Wednesday, January 2, 2008


The mission of the Coalition of Kenyans and Allies for Democracy (CKAD) is to protect Kenya's fragile democracy and to restore peace to the country. In order to accomplish this agenda, we demand:

1) the removal of Mwai Kibaki from the seat of President of Kenya;

2) a new presidential election to be held in three to six months--that is, between the months of April and July 2008;

3) humanitarian aid from the United Nations, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and other reputable agencies;

4) the assistance of the United Nations, European Union, Britain, the United States, and other international bodies in creating a democratic and peaceful Kenya via:

a) the prosecution of those involved in ethnic cleansing, including foreign and Kenyan military personnel and foreign and Kenyan civilians;

b) protection of and asylum for political refugees;

c) the creation of a system of checks and balances to ensure that the President of Kenya is accountable to the entire Kenyan electorate and that power is not concentrated in the executive branch;

d) respect for freedom of the press at all levels of government;

e) respect for freedom of speech at all levels of government;

f) respect for free and transparent elections at all levels of government;

g) the prosecution of elected officials who engage in corruption or other forms of illegal activity.


dunpresident said...

We need a kenya of people like you.

let us fight for the democratic freedom.

Ms J said...


So you really want this old man out huh. And why don't you give him a chance.From day one you frustrate him and not cooperate with him and always pointing accusing finger. Why not count what he has done instead of listening to what others are saying?What human right are we fighting for if we try to oppress another? You go killing an innocent man who all he was doing was fighting for his rights by voting for whom he think is worth the seat? how is it changing your life now that you have killed does Raila take the seat? are you happy posting blogs of hate kenya and donate we are poor and oppressed?What is the Human fight for I don't see it do you?

You want Kibaki out and Raila in and then what,your life will change from kibera to runda? good jobs at state house,drive the so called hammer? what will happen. Kibaki was there did you move from runda to kibera or he found you there? THINK before you act. The consequences are that nothing will change if you make them worse.Killing will not solve anything That neighbour you killed you may not have retured his money did he kill you ??You are killing for a fellow human to get lots of money is that not corruption? How many kikuyu are in the mourge do you have the number and you say you want a recount, how will the dead fight for their candidate is that what you are advocating for? THINK before you act. You want to stop corrutpion let it start with you and me then go to others not the president to stop it for you.

I think the best solution is for Raila to stop the heckling and behave like a grown up leader not a street riot or spoilt sturbon child who says no and doesn't know why he is saying so. let's make the fight stop then put someone who is not kikuyu nor luo nor kamba and lets see if your life will change or worsen.
There are so many learned people who have been studying politics and gotten doctrate for it. why not give them a chance they are learned and young and fresh not corrupted like all of us are.

murshid said...

I believe that what Kenya needs is to stengthen her democratic institutions which would in turn automatically supress negative tribalism. By strengthening institutions such as - Judiciary, Parliament, the Election Commission, Public Service Commission and the 4th Estate, Kenya would be on her way to recovery. Along with this, active steps need to be taken to ensure equitable distribution of developmental resources, shrinking of the gap between the haves and the haves-not. At the foundation itself, there is need to adopt a Prime Ministerial form of govt, where Parliament is genuinely supreme and this will water down the primacy of the executive as the be all and end all and elevate the position of elected representatives, who represent the entire population, across tribal and ethnic lines. Being a country with many tribes, each competing for the same given national cake, add to it a strong executive with massive patronage powers, the result is obvious - the President's tribe becomes of paramaount importance as his tribes-men would benefit at the cost of others. This degenerates into negative tribalism and the consequences are what we are witnessing today in Kenya. The fight for the presidency becomes an end game - the winner takes it all, so to say.

If Kenya (and indeed Africa) does not wake up to the need of putting in place strong democratic institutions, the future of the continent is indeed bleak and life of man in Africa would be the Hobbesian one - poor, nasty, brutish and short.

Kenyan said...

Dear Ms. J.,

At this point it is very clear that the ethnic cleansing is being orchestrated by elements who belong to a number of tribes, including Luo, Kikuyu, Kalenjin, and Maasai.

You may find this video enlightening.,,30200-1299082,00.html

Also, please note that Section 4 (a) of our petition calls for the "prosecution of those involved in ethnic cleansing, including foreign and Kenyan military personnel and foreign and Kenyan civilians."


POTASH said...

This is excellent. From within all these protests voices will emerge Kenya's voice of reason.

I would like to bring your attention to the voices of Concerned Kenyan Writers on these issues:

Coalition of Kenyans and Allies for Democracy said...

Thank you potash and dunpresident! Some of us are indeed fans of Kwani. We hope for a swift, peaceful, and democratic resolution to this crisis.

Joseph Ramogi Alila said...

Don't you find it odd that Mr. KIbaki has no LUO in his Cabinet?
Even if no Luo voted for him, it does not help his dented image that these fish-eaters are untouchable gentiles to him.

I wish you luck in your mission. Frankly, it reflects the falacies of the pajama-wearing Runda Residents; if this group had said "No" to Kibaki, he would have left the office thirty days ago.